Our values

A solid company is built on solid foundations: strong values and commitments. MIRALU’s priority values are quality, the environment and health, and the notion of service.


To offer products that fully meet its customers’ requirements, MIRALU has entered into

A continuous quality improvement process

This calls first for a rigorous selection dof raw materials and forstringent tests at all points of the production and shipping lines (traceability of products leaving the factory). The laboratory validates all incoming and outgoing batches, required for the manufacturing and commercialisation of these high-tech products. These manufacturing methods have resulted in the awarding to MIRALU of various labels and certifications that ensure that customers will always be guaranteed premium quality aluminium:

For MIRALU, these certifications mean nothing if they are not placed attheservice of customers. This is why we remain in constant touch with our customers, allowing us to take note of their remarks and suggestions. The tips and advice given by architects and facade specialists are, for MIRALU, a source of never-ending improvement (we have even dedicated a specific section just for them).

A company with societal and environmental responsibilities

Respect for people and the environment is deeply rooted in MIRALU’s values. Our production site places health, safety, and sustainable development at the heart of its production process.
What this means is that restrictive but essential measures were taken very early on. The use of chromium was totally abolished in 2006. Our choice of powder coil coating has also enabled us to do away with chemical solvents. The waste generated by production is treated internally. Thus allowing us to become “zero-waste” in 2008. Last but not least, wastewater is recycled.

Our sense of responsibility is proven for both our teams and customers through the following certifications and regulations:

  • OHSAS 18001: this health and safety standard attests to the setting up of training sessions, risk management, and emergency preparedness, with a view to reducing the number of accidents (our OHSAS 18001 certification)
  • ISO 14001: a management system aimed at guaranteeing control of the environmental impact of society (our ISO 14001 certification)
  • ROHs: as MIRALU’s production line uses no heavy metals, it complies with this regulation attesting to the “limitation of certain hazardous substances”.
  • REACH: the protection and health of people producing and handling our products take top priority, and respect of this regulation is self-evident for MIRALU.

MIRALU, as aresponsible company, is committed on a daily basis to programmes aimed atimproving working conditions(health and safety) and at reducing its environmental footprint (implementation of “clean” manufacturing processes and reduction in waste emissions).

At MIRALU, the notion of CUSTOMER SERVICE really does mean something. To do our very best to meet your needs and support you in your projects, we have set up a supply chain from A to Z, guaranteeing you responsiveness and choice. Our values really do mean something, and that’s true for you too.

Our Customer Service: made-to-measure

We respond to urgent needs

Whether architects, facade specialists or sign manufacturers, you all need to be able to face the unexpected and rely on the responsiveness of your suppliers.
This is why here at MIRALU we have set up a highly efficient supply chain guaranteeing you delivery within 15 days, including for small volumes (as from 500 kg).

Before embarking on a new project, maybe you want to see, touch, handle and test our products ?
No problem, as MIRALU produces countertypes (specific samples) in less than 15 days. This is greatly appreciated by our customers, who use this method to check that our products match their requirements:

  • Search for a specific shade or texture
  • UV, chemical, fire resistance, etc.…
  • Gluing on various substrates (wood panels, expansive foam, etc.)
  • Cutting and bending options

Tight deadlines, yes, but choice

We know that a rapid response is vital for our customers, which is why we offer you a wide range of colours. MIRALU proposes more than300 painted aluminium colours, all of which are in stock. With thicknesses ranging from 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm, our products can cope with severe deformations (bending guaranteed as from 0T as per the alloy) with no cracking.
A genuine forerunner in powder coil coating, MIRALU strives constantly to enrich its ranges to better meet market requirements, one of which is colour matching. To make sure you find the colour you want, we use the colour benchmarks most commonly found in the building industry and architecture in Europe: the RAL, NCS and Pantone systems.


Choose the colour you want, safe in the knowledge that we can reproduce it as and when you want.


"We don’t keep values. We transcend them continually. Otherwise they will automatically die." (CHRISTIAN BOIRON)