Our vision

We cover and will continue to cover millions of m² of urban facades...


15 years on, MIRALU’s investment in its new coil coating line will allow it to enter a phase of full maturity and so take a significant step forward.

MIRALU’s environment has profoundly changed

In the course of these years, MIRALU’s environment has also profoundly changed: in terms of competition, industry, our customers’ expectations and, more generally, our societal environment.

Given the ever-faster pace of such changes, MIRALU must do all it can to anticipate and understand them.

MIRALU must speed up its digital revolution

We are still poised at the start of a major digital revolution. Miralu needs to speed up its transformation in this field. While we have already started to do this with our BIM approach, we need to continue and to organise electronic exchange of information with our customers, suppliers and partners. A project is already ongoing to give our customers direct access to our product traceability data. Paper documents must become a thing of the past.

Miralu’s expertise is its ability to assemble an aluminium substrate with a pre-treatment coating and a polymer layer. The end properties of our products are the result of all three components. Miralu must thus continue to work with its suppliers to develop products endowed with new characteristics and properties.

Today, our products are used and appreciated for their aesthetic and mechanical qualities. These are the qualities we need to expand, thanks to the advances made in chemistry and the introduction of nanotechnologies.

Vision of the future: new functionalities to be developed

We cover and will continue to cover millions of m² of urban facades. These facades must acquire new functions:

  • Become power generators for the thermal control and lighting of buildings.
  • Become pollution reducers through the absorption capacities of certain chemical components.
  • Acquire self-cleaning capacities.
  • Acquire increased resistance to certain chemical components contained in the atmosphere

These functionalities are still all in their infancy, but we will acquire them through our pre-treatments or final coating, or a combination of both.