All Mirawall and Mirabuild finishes are available on Polantis portal.


BIM: Building Information Modeling

Le rendu produit est très fidèle à la réalité

IM As the European leader of powder coil coating, Miralu reached a new step by providing its new BIM catalog (Building Information Modeling).

MIRALU met à disposition de ses prescripteurs un outil de modélisation

This initiative started in Miralu in 2015 and shall be extended to all its references for its two brands Mirawall & Mirabuild

Here above an example presentation of a Mirawall texture – Aluminium pre painted with powder 7035 satin

The resultis atrue reflection of reality. For instance, Mirawallrange, worldwide famous for itsorange peal effectand perfectly adapted to most innovative architectural projects, has been modeled while also respecting this aesthetics feature.
In addition, Mirabuildrange provides a perfect solution for architectswho are looking forpearlescent sheens, luminous reflections and textured effects which allow to meet contemporary architectureexpectations.

Decidedly modern, Miraluproposes a solution which combines designand respect for the environment, including external thermal insulation.
It therefore follows that Miralu shall make available its catalogue for BIM. BIM allows all players in the construction sector to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner and to control the building from the design to its maintenance.

Polantisis proud to support Miraluin compliance with itsinnovative requirements.

All Mirawall and Mirabuild finishes are available on Polantis portal.